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Experimental Lab
The CRM offers a laboratory for experimental analysis of complex fluids, which features:
An ultra-sensitive camera High-speed
Photron SA3 FastCam (Model 60K) designed for high-resolution video (1024 x 1024) at a sampling rate of 1000 frames per second to 60,000 fps at reduced resolution. The chamber is adapted to an inverted microscope to acquire images/videos of events at the microscale. (Details)
Inverted Microscope
Has an illuminated and dimmable halogen lighting Epi-Fluorescence with blue and green filters for analysis and/or monitoring of the behaviour of fluids/particles in real time and a thermal plate for temperature control during the analysis period. The objectives of the microscope are available in 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x and 100x magnification.
Syringe Pump:

Available to inject or withdraw fluids with flow rates between 0.73uL/hr and 2120ml/hr for greater control of the fluid during the experiments.


Technology Kinexus for rheological measurements with high level of performance in complex materials, particulate systems, macromolecular and multiphase. Has different thermal controllers and specific geometries for measurements of different materials or applications. (Details)
Extraction Cab
Showcase for filtration of gases, solids and aerosols (AD Filter / Organic) for safety and cleanliness in the preparation of samples for analysis and subsequent cleaning of microdevices or utensils used during the pilot phase.
The laboratory has a centrifuge rotor 6 x 15ml for sample preparation prior to analysis.
To check availability or ask for more information of the lab, you have to make a request by sending an email to telling us all necessary information for your reservation.