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Feedback of Former Students

These are the experiences and views of some of the students who have completed the Master

CColomerName: Cristina Colomer.  
Current company: Banco Santander
Position: Pricers, Methodology Area.
Year Master: 2010
University degree: Mathematics degree.
I graduated in 2010 and, while finishing the degree, I had in mind to continue my education. I was curious about quantitative finance, so I chose this master to complete my degree in mathematics with a financial base that would allow me to enter to the finance world.

It is clear that the quantitative profiles are present in finance, analytical capacity is valued, how to think, to organize and solve problems as well as the rigor and ease of learning. The MMIF gives you the opportunity to focus this knowledge in finance and at the same time, it opens many doors to employment. Personally, the master helped me to expand my view of the finance world. Highlight the quality of teaching, as well as the good atmosphere that has to be a master with a reduced number of students, and the proximity between students and teachers. The Master met my expectations, it gave me new knowledge in areas totally unknown on global economics issues and insurance, it consolidated me with the base of quantitative finance and updated me on programming topics.
After the theoretical part of MMIF, I was able to complete this first formative stage with the internship promoted by the master, in a financial institution. I believe that the experience enriched me because we applied the theoretical part to real problems.
Currently I'm working in a financial institution. I found a job quickly but with geographical mobility. We are a team of three people and our work is the development of valuation models for calculating VaR. We are working with problems that constantly pose a challenge to think and evolve. This work has allowed me apply to apply the theoretical knowledge that I got at the Master, at the same time, it gives me a dynamic training that fulfils my concern of having a career that makes me think.

JFagedaName: Jordi Fageda.
Current company: Management Solutions.
Position: Consulter in "Financial and Commodity Risk Consulting".
Year Master: 2010.
University degree: Physics degree.
​ When I finished the degree in physics I studied the masters in mathematics of finance because I had interest for quantitative finance. It was very attracted to this world, to apply my scientific knowledge in the financial business sector.
When I was studying the masters I was doing a internship in Banco Sabadell where, after completing the academic part of the master they kept me making another internship. Before finishing it, the company where I am working now got in contact with me, for the training that I had carried on. I joined Management Solutions in January 2012. Since my incorporation to the firm as consultant to the unit of Commodity Financial Risk Consulting (FCRC), I have mainly involved in development projects, monitoring, validation and implementation of advanced IRB credit risk modelling for major financial institutions in the country .
Management Solutions provides me training in all professional categories that make up the organizational structure of the firm. In this, I have the opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally in a wide range of business functions, characterized by their strategic importance and constant innovation.
PGirbauName: Peter Girbau.
Current company: Crèdit Andorrà.
Position: Financial and Operational Risk Department.
Year Master: 2010.
University degree: Physics degree.
The Master in Mathematics of Finance allowed a graduate in Theoretical Physics to discover a new field of knowledge, finance. Through the course of the CRM, methodologically rigorous and with a practical approach, I was able to get quick access to the professional world and be able to immediately apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom.
When I finished the theoretical part of the Master I began the internship in Crèdit Andorrà and just finished it I continued in the department where I had started for the need of people with learning and knowledge provided by this master. This is why I think I chose well to make this master. By the opportunities it brings when you finish.


Name: Diego Pérez-Vargas Vázquez.DPerez-Vargas
Current company: CaixaBank.
Position: Risk Modelling, Optimization and Capital Analysis. 
Year Master: 2010.
University degree: Economic degree.
I decided to do the Master mainly for two reasons. The first, perhaps most decisive, was he passion for mathematics, in that sense, in the course of my college career, I always tried to select elective courses with more mathematical content looking for more scientific background and a supplement to a career often approached from the social viewpoint.
The second reason, perhaps the most important for the decision was the development of my professional career in the field of financial risk, in which the mathematical world has gained significant importance in recent decades, requiring professionals trained in holistic where the quantitative profile has particular importance. Finally, although the road of the master is hard, as a result of this experience, one acquires the necessary know how for the development of a qualitative career in financial risk.
IPardoName: Isabel Pardo Zarzuela.
Current company: Axa.
Position: Front Office, Cash flow Matching.
Year Master: 2010.
University degree: Mathematic degree.
When I got the degree in mathematics it came with a big question, what  to do with this degree? The workplace? Carry on with my studies? Being attracted to the financial world, I thought it was a good choice to find something that would allow me to join the two worlds, the mathematical and economic.
The MMIF offered me this opportunity. This master allows to find out the mathematical basis used in finance and insurance sectors. The MMIF allowed me to understand the main economic theories that underlie the world of finance, the main products of the financial markets and the reality of the industry, all from a mathematical view. Another aspect to highlight is that the basis of programming provided is present in most financial applications used by large companies.
Also it allowed me to consolidate the knowledge acquired through the internship that I could make in a department in a great insurance company. The significant part of this internship is that it has provided me a true picture of the sector, to implement the theoretical knowledge acquired in the master, getting my first work experience and meet great professionals. 
Currently I'm working in the company where I did the internship. Specifically working in Front Office department, specializing in restructuring financial derivatives and programming management tools.