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The computational neuroscience unit at the CRM was founded in 2012 and is made up of three Principal Investigators (Alex Roxin, Klaus Wimmer and Alex Hyafil) and their groups. The unit is an active member of a larger, Barcelona-wide Neuroscience community which includes theoretical, experimental and clinical groups located in a variety of university departments and research centers ( Research in the computational neuroscience unit is largely focused on systems-level neuroscience. Broadly speaking, this involves investigating how large assemblies of interacting neurons give rise to animal and human behavior. Our approach is generally to combine computational modeling with data analysis. Here’s a short description of the groups more specific research interests:

The research focus in the group of Alex Roxin is on dynamical and network mechanisms in systems neuroscience. We model cognitive processes such as long-term memory formation and decision making, but also study the dynamical repertoire of neuronal networks more generally. Research in the group of Klaus Wimmer focuses on the neural network dynamics underlying perceptual decision making and working memory, with the general aim of understanding the neural mechanisms underlying elementary cognitive functions.
Finally, the group led by Alex Hyafil has started in 2019, with an interest in understanding the core computations that underlie perception, decision-making and cognitive control in humans and mammals in general.