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Related Activities

Computational Neuroscience Group Weekly Journal Club

Weekly meeting of the CRM's Computational Neuroscience Group in order to discuss recent and relevant papers in the field.
General Information
Sessions will be usually from 15:00 to 16:00 on Mondays in room A-2 (C3b/030) at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica.

Past activities


25th April 2016
Decision-related pupil dilation reflects upcoming choice and individual bias
de Gee JW, Knapen T, Donner TH.​

29th February 2016

Training Excitatory-Inhibitory Recurrent Neural Networks for Cognitive Tasks: A Simple and Flexible Frameworky
H. Francis Song, Guangyu R. Yang, Xiao-Jing Wang

7th February 2016: Bernat Rovira
Multistability in Large Scale Models of Brain Activity
M Golos, V Jirsa, E Dauce

25th January 2016: Marina Vegué
Theta sequences are essential for internally generated hippocampal firing fields
Yingxue Wang, Sandro Romani, Brian Lustig, Anthony Leonardo & Eva Pastalkova

18th January 2016: Genís Prat
A Neural Parametric Code for Storing Information of More than One Sensory Modality in Working Memory
José Vergara, Natsuko Rivera, Román Rossi-Pool, Ranulfo Romo

11th January 2016: Alex Roxin
Slow fluctuations in recurrent networks of spiking neurons
Stefan Wieland, Davide Bernardi, Tilo Schwalger, and Benjamin Lindner

14th December 2015: Bernat Rovira
Neural Network Model of Memory Retrieval
Stefano Recanatesi, Mikhail Katkov, Sandro Romani and Misha Tsodyks

9th December 2015: Marina Vegué
Equalizing excitation–inhibition ratios across visual cortical neurons
Mingshan Xue, Bassam V. Atallah & Massimo Scanziani

26 - 27th November 2015:
Computational Neuroscience Retreat

23th November 2015: Panagiota Theodoni
Learning Causes Reorganization of Neuronal Firing Patterns to Represent Related Experiences within a Hippocampal Schema
Sam McKenzie, Nick T. M. Robinson, Lauren Herrera, Jordana C. Churchill and Howard Eichenbaum (Abstract)

16th November 2015: Bernat Rovira
Memory Capacity of Networks with Stochastic Binary Synapses
Alexis M. Dubreuil, Yali Amit and Nicolas Brunel (Abstract)