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Personal Information
Vaguely Recent news

Winner of 2014 Premi Albert Dou for 'helping make visible the importance of mathematics in our world, to convey mathematical concepts in a more the same broad specialists and promote everything that can help to spread the prestige of mathematics in our society'. Co-authored with Dr Sarah Mitchell, U. Limerick.

Keynote speaker at Fluidos 2014, Tandil, Argentina, Continuum modelling of nanoscaled flows.

Keynote speaker at European Study Group with Industry​, Limerick 2015 (conference details to be provided, maybe here).

External positions

1. Member of European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry Council, check out the ECMI Blog at​

2. Co-ordinator for all European Study Groups with Industry, see the Mathematics in Industry Information Service for news of past and forthcoming meetings. 

3. Member of the Management Committee and Core Group for EU Cost Action TD1409, Mathematics for Industry Network. I am also the Short Term Scientific Mission Manager, see the STSM page for information and rules on how to apply.

4. Member of the Editorial Board for the RSME-Springer Book series.This is the Spanish Math Society's branch of the Springer series of short monologues on mathematics.

5. Member of the editorial board for the journal Mathematics in Industry Case Studies.​

A Brief History of Tim

I am currently head of the Industrial Mathematics group at the CRM and an Adjunct Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Previously I have worked at KAIST (South Korea), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Oxford University and Cranfield University (both UK), Wollongong University and ADFA (both Australia), with some shorter stays at University of British Columbia (Canada) and Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina).

My research revolves around building and analysing models of physical problems. Currently my two main focus areas are nanotechnology and phase change. In nanotechnology I have worked on problems in flow in carbon nanotubes, nanofluid heat transfer, melting of nanoparticles and Ostwald ripening of nanoparticles. In phase change I have worked on ice accretion on aircraft and removal in fuel cells (I know they usually run hot, but not always in automobiles particularly when left in the garage overnight in Canada), solidification of supercooled materials and boiling in heat pipes. I have also worked a lot in improving approximate mathematical techniques for analysing these problems. I also have a rather long history of working in thin film flow with Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.

I regularly attend Industrial Maths meetings, where companies present us with a problem and the mathematicians then try to come up with some form of solution. This has led to me working on more diverse problems such as, the motion of a football through the air, cooling concrete, injection molding, crystal growth, beer bottle labelling etc.

Further information on myself, my work, research and possibilities to work within the IM group at CRM can be found through the links on this page.