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Dmitrii Todorov, Wilson Truccolo, Stability of stochastic finite-size spiking-neuron networks: Comparing mean-field, 1-loop correction and quasi-renewal approximations, submitted to IEEE EMBC 2019 Proceedings
Joaquin Rapela, Dmitrii Todorov, Hidden Markov models applied to LFPs from layer two and three of human cortex reveal highly stereotypical discrete states in epileptic seizures separated by more than an hour, submitted to IEEE EMBC 2019 Proceedings
Joaquin Rapela, Timothe Proix, Dmitrii Todorov, Wilson Truccolo, Uncovering low-dimensional structure in high-dimensional representations of long-term recordings in people with epilepsy, submitted to IEEE EMBC 2019 Proceedings
Taegyo Kim, Robert A Capps, Khaldoun C Hamade, William H Barnett, Dmitrii Todorov, Elizaveta Latash, Sergey N Markin, Ilya A Rybak, Yaroslav I Molkov, The functional role of striatal cholinergic neurons in reinforcement learning, accepted to Frontiers in Neural Circuits
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D. Todorov, R. Capps, W. Barnett, E. M. Latash, T. Kim, K. C. Hamade, S. N. Markin, I. A. Rybak, Y. Molkov, To use error, or not to use error: resolving a motor adaptation dilemma, under review
D. Todorov, R. Capps, W. Barnett, Y. Molkov, The interplay between basal ganglia and cerebellum in motoradaptation, 26th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS 2017): Part 3, BMC Neuroscience 2017, 18(Suppl 1):60, p106
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N.V. Ivanisenko, E.L. Mishenko, I.R. Akberdin, P.S. Demenkov, V.A. Likhoshvai, K.N. Kozlov, D.I. Todorov, M.G. Samsonova, A.M. Samsonov, D. Clausznitzer, L. Kaderali,  N.A. Kolchanov, V.A. Ivanisenko,  A New Stochastic Model for Subgenomic Hepatitis C Virus Replication Considers Drug Resistant Mutants, PLOS ONE, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 3 
N.V. Ivanisenko, E.L. Mishenko, I.R. Akberdin, P.S. Demenkov, V.A. Likhoshvai, K.N. Kozlov, D.I. Todorov, M.G. Samsonova, A.M. Samsonov,  N.A. Kolchanov, and V.A. Ivanisenko, Replication of the Subgenomic Hepatitis C Virus Replicon in the Presence of the NS3 Protease Inhibitors: a Stochastic Model Biophysics, 2013, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp 758-774 

D. Todorov, Non-normability of Spaces of Keplerian Orbits, preprint:


*** authors with * have equal contributions