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Research Interests

My research interests are in a general area of mathematical modelling in Life Sciences, Nature and Engineering, and in Analysis of Differential Equations (PDE and ODE). In particular, I am involved in areas such as:

- Mathematical epidemiology, including emergence and spread of pathogens; pathogen evolution; persistence of pathogen and stability of host-microparasite system; immune response, and control of infectious diseases.
- Other areas of mathematical medicine and biology, such as population dynamics, system biology and ecology, pest control.
- Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (nonlinear PDE and ODE): global qualitative analysis, and in particular stability; bifurcation theory; Lyapunov methods, and existence of special types solutions and stability for systems of reaction-diffusion equations, with application mostly to mathematical biology.
- Application of the Optimal Control Theory to biological processes, and in particular to infectious disease control at a population and an individual levels (antiviral and cancer therapy).
- Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Chemical Kinetics

Mathematical modelling in Evolutionary Biology is my current passion.