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The CRM has its premises in the UAB Faculty of Sciences with a total floor space of 2.125 m2, including  administration and direction offices, office space for up to 60 researchers, three meeting rooms, three lecture rooms with capacity for 40 people and an auditorium with capacity for 100 people. All lecture and meeting rooms are equipped with overhead projectors and streaming facilities. 

Accommodation for CRM visitors is provided by Vila Universitària at Bellaterra.

The CRM computer equipment is based on a LAN Ethernet net of, approximately, eighty workstations structured under a Windows/Linux domain. Among other services, the net includes an e-mail server, a printer server (managing the tasks of five printers), a file server and a Firewall/Router that linked it to the UAB infrastructure by means of a 1 Gb connection. Wi-Fi connection is  available in all rooms.

There is an experimental lab in Microfluidics and Rheology.

To inquire about availability of some of the CRM facilities, please contact