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Research Groups

Each CRM research group is leaded by a PI and develops one or more competitive research projects in specific areas of Mathematics. Members of the team include senior and postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, MSc students, and may include external collaborators or long-term visitors too.

The current groups of CRM are:


Complex Systems, coordinated by Alvaro Corral

Computational & Mathematical Biology, composed of two labs:

Cancer Modelling Lab coordinated by Tomás Alarcón

Nonlinear Dynamics and Evolution Lab coordinated by ​Josep Sardanyès

Computational Neuroscience, coordinated by Alex Roxin, Klaus Wimmer and Alex Hyafil

Harmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory, coordinated by Sergey Tikhonov

Industrial Mathematics, coordinated by Timothy G. Myers

Mathematics of Development and Evolution, coordinated by Isaac Salazar