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Teaching Activities
I admit to not keeping this page up to date, I could add recent years about teaching at UPC, or Student Workshops but am lacking in motivation.

 'An Introduction to ...', Seminar Series, UPC Winter 2014, The three talks can now be downloaded:

  • An Introduction to Applied Complex variablesComplexVariable.pdfComplexVariable.pdf, Prof. Jon Chapman, Oxford University, Oct. 2014.
  • An Introduction to Stochastic Methods in Mathematical BiologyStochastic.pdfStochastic.pdf, Prof. Tomas Alarcon, CRM, Nov. 2014.
  • An Introduction to Perturbation Methods Applied to Industrial MathematicsPerturb.pdfPerturb.pdf, Prof. Tim Myers, CRM/UPC, Dec 2014 (The embedded video on swerve goals can be found at​)

  • ​Mathematical models in technology, with J. Sola Morales, J. Saludes (U. Politècnica de Catalunya) 2012.

  • Mathematical Modelling with Partial Differential Equations, with J. Sola-Morales (U.Politècnica de Catalunya) 2010, 2011.

  • Mathematical modelling of phase transitions. Jornades d’Introducció als Sistemes Dinàmics i a les EDPs. UPC Summer School 2010.

  • Mathematical Fluid Mechanics. Masters/PhD course MAS661 Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2009.

  • Recent progress in applied mathematics: Studies in combined fluid flow and heat transfer. Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.  Graduate course 2008.

  • Myers TG; Rasmussen H. Numerical methods. Masters course MAS565. Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2007.