Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Group Computational Neuroscience
Roscow, Emma

I gained an appreciation for computational models as a way to understand cognitive processes during my BSc in Psychology (University of Warwick, UK, 2013), where I investigated Bayesian integration of multisensory perceptual cues for my final year project. After a couple of years out of academia, I enrolled on a Wellcome Trust PhD in Neural Dynamics at the University of Bristol, UK, to benefit joint training in computational and experimental methods in neuroscience. The focus of my project was how offline replay of neural activity, in the hippocampus and nucleus accumbens, can contribute to reinforcement learning over a period of weeks. I used in vivo electrophysiology and reinforcement learning models to uncover how reward-prediction errors bias replay and affect subsequent behaviour.

At the CRM, I am continuing my research into how hippocampal activity organises itself during active behaviour and rest to support learning. I hope that building computational models of network dynamics will uncover how the hippocampus encodes, consolidates and recalls novel memories.

My research interests include spontaneous activity over the sleep-wake cycle, self-organised dynamics in the hippocampus, and how replay can be used for artificial intelligence.