Office Office 21 (C3b/024)
Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Other funding Margarita Salas PostDoc Contract
Area Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis
Group Complex Systems
Crespo, Cristina

I graduated in Environmental Sciences at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid) and studied for a Master's in Environmental Geology (Complutense University of Madrid) specializing in Geological Risk. My main research field is statistical analysis of seismicity, particularly in intraplate seismicity, that was driven during my Ph.D. "Analysis of seismic series in an intraplate region (Northwest Iberian Peninsula)". My scientific research also includes the study of the completeness of the seismic catalog, thanks to the analysis of historical earthquakes. Lichenometry dating is also a covered field of my scientific career. As a result, I have published several scientific papers in high-impact journals, and have participated in several communications at International Conferences.

Besides, I collaborated with the German Research Centre for Geoscience - GFZ and now, I work with the Complex System Research Group of CRM. My Research group is also TECVOLRISK (Tectónica, Vulcanismo y Riesgos Asociados) of Rey Juan Carlos University. 

Other Research Interests
  • Statistical seismic analysis (Geostatistics)
  • Completeness of Historical Earthquakes Catalogs 
  • Historical earthquakes
  • Intraplate seismicity
  • Lichenometry dating 
Selected publications

Rincón, M., Márquez, Á., Martín-González, F., López, I., Crespo-Martín, C. (2023). Morpho-structural criteria for the identification of spreading-induced deformation processes potentially compromising stratovolcano stability. Bulletin of Vulcanology.

Crespo-Martín, C., Martín-González, F., Hainzl, S., Rincón, M. (2022). Testing potential triggermechanisms for seismicity in Sarria-Triacastela-Becerreá (Lugo seismic sequences) NW Iberian Peninsula, Spain. Journal of Seismology.

Crespo Martín, C., Martín González, F. (2021). Statistical Analysis of Intraplate Seismic Clusters: The Caseof the NW Iberian Peninsula. Pure and Applied Geophysics.

Crespo Martín, C., Martín González, F., Yazdi, P., Hainzl, S., Rincón, M. (2021). Time dependent andspatiotemporal statistical analysis of intraplate anomalous seismicity: Sarria- Triacastela-Becerreá (NW IberianPeninsula, Spain). Geophysical Journal International.

Martín González, F., Fernández-Lozano, J., De Vicente, G., Crespo Martín, C., Heredia, N. (2021). Role ofmultiple inherited basement structures on orogen geometry and evolution: Insights from analogue modelling. Journal of Structural Geology. 144: 104267.

Crespo Martín, C., Martín González, F. (2018). Revisión y ampliación del catálogo sísmico histórico delnoroeste de la Península Ibérica y sus implicaciones en la actividad intraplaca. Estudios Geológicos. 74(2): 1-32.