Calls for Calls for International Research in Groups (IRIGs)

As part of a new ERCOM (European Research Centres on Mathematics) joint collaboration, International Research in Groups (IRiGs) enable small groups of researchers to meet for a project lasting 2 to 4 weeks in total, distributed over a period of maximum 18 months, and hosted at two of the centres. 

IRiGs is intended to encourage intense periods of research involving small groups of international researchers on a well-defined project. The international dimension of the scheme supports the project by distributing the time involved, thereby (for example) enabling the participation of researchers with caring responsibilities or allowing a different pattern of activity more appropriate to the project.

Proposals: Proposals should be submitted through the current Research in Pairs existing programme of one of the institutions, with costs broken down for each host institute separately. If there are significant differences in the amounts requested then the co-ordinating centre should be the one from which most resource is requested. Proposers are encouraged to contact all potential host institutions to ensure that space is available on the requested dates.

When applying through the CRM’s Research in Pairs programme, please specify that your application is linked to the IRiGs call.

Funding at CRM: lodging on the UAB campus (Bellaterra) is granted for up to 3 participants from outside the Barcelona region for a maximum of 2 weeks. Additional participants and local participants will need to be supported by external funds.