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Main Information

The MMIF goal
is to train specialists able to develop new financial products, according to the current needs. We want that students be able to understand and discuss the assumptions and limitations of existing models. The Master is addressed to talented young students in possession of a degree in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics, and Engineering or equivalent degrees. The specialists we are training today have a wide acceptation in the job market. More than 100 students who have completed the MMIF work nowadays in the financial system.
The partner institutions provide the necessary component of practical learning. Through them, we are able to establish a direct line of collaboration between the academic and professional worlds.
The training is divided into two parts, with a total value of 66 ECTS:
  • The first part is an academic programme covering the theoretical background, valued 40 ECTS, divided into two semesters. Each semester covers 6 different subjects.

  • The second part is an internship period of three to six months, with a value of 20 ECTS, plus a final project of 6 ECTS.
Students who pass both parts receive the master's degree awarded by the Graduate School at UAB. Students who pass the academic part and don't go through the internship period receive a graduate certificate issued by the Graduate School at UAB.
  • The first semester starts on September 25th of 2013 and ends on January 17th of 2014.

  • The second semester begins on January 28th of 2014 and ends on June 8th of 2014.

  • The internship starts on June 9th of 2014.

The lectures are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 16h to 20h.
The Master is aimed at graduates in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics or Economics, engineers or similar qualifications. It is not necessary to have previous experience in finance.
We accept a maximum of 20 students.
Academic policy
All subjects are evaluated by examination or by continuous assessment, in a single call.
After completion of the academic part, students may start an internship in a financial institution. Admission is subject to a selection process, including an interview. These internships are preferably carried out in one of the partner institutions, although in special cases they can be validated.

The total Master fee is 4600€; Academic part (postgraduate): 4000 €, Internship: 600€.
Career development possibilities
  • Banks and other financial institutions

  • Financial consulting

  • Insurance companies

  • Financial Markets
Àngel Calsina, MMIF coordinator.
Number Phone: +34 93 581 47 80
Ignasi Utset Vila, Secretary of the Math Department.
Number Phone: +34 93 581 13 04

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