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Thematic Networks

Monitoring emerging areas in mathematics and their applications is a priority objective for the CRM, as well as offering incentives and resources so that researchers in traditional areas or younger researchers can join these emerging sectors.
With this purpose, the CRM supports several Thematic Networks, as a continuation of other initiatives undertaken in previous years. It aims at multidisciplinary research training and practice in areas considered to be of interest and relevant at the present time. The CRM Thematic Networks are a transversal activity that serves as a meeting point of research groups in Catalonia active in one of such areas, willing to collaborate through joint activities, which typically include a stable all-year seminar. The CRM gives financial and administrative support to each Thematic Network.
The Thematic Networks are cofunded by the La Caixa Foundation.​

For additional information please contact Núria Hernandez at
The current list of CRM Thematic Networks is the following: