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Research Perspectives CRM Barcelona

A way to quickly spreading extended abstracts as a subseries of Trends in Mathematics (Birkhäuser)

Scientific events such as conferences or workshops give participants the opportunity to communicate recent research, including interesting new results not yet published. With the aim of quickly spreading such results and helping fluently update the state of the art in each field, the CRM takes the commitment of editing extended conference abstracts (ECAs for short) in the new subseries Research Perspectives CRM Barcelona of the Birkhäuser's series Trends in Mathematics since 2013. Publication of ECAs will also serve as a channel to consolidate the scientific profit of CRM meetings.

The abstracts published in the ECA subseries will be quotable and its publication does not prevent further publication of results contained in the abstracts by their authors in any form.

We thus encourage speakers at the CRM conferences or workshops to submit extended abstracts of their communications, and we ask organisers to promote submissions. The length of each abstract should not exceed 4 pages. Abstracts can contain statements of results together with the necessary definitions, as well as possible motivations, open questions or conjectures. Proofs of results are not required but short sketches are welcome. A list of bibliographical references can also be included.

Conference speakers and organisers will be provided with a LaTeX template, together with class and style files which must be used in the preparation of abstracts. Organisers are expected to revise the coherence of contents and the CRM Editorial Board will take care of editing.

A list of volumes of this series can be obtained here.