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Call for proposals
The CRM invites proposals for IRP in any branch of mathematics and the mathematical sciences.
Points to be added in the preliminary submission:
1. Most suitable period of time to run the programme (once the programme is approved, final times will have to be accommodated within the CRM general programme).
2. Title and a scientific summary, addressing background, objectives, and perspectives of the programme.
3. List of all members of the Scientific Committee (names, affiliations, and contact information), specifying the name of the coordinator and including their CV.
4.  An expression of interest in the developing of a Follow-up program.
Preliminary proposals have to be sent, preferably in PDF format, by e-mail to
Points to be added for final submission:
Please, include the four items from the Preliminary proposal plus the following:
4. List of activities planned during the programme.
5. A preliminary list, including postal and e-mail addresses, of potential participants, divided into the following categories: "highly desirable", "desirable", and "reserve", mentioning the type of support needed for each of them and their academic status.
6. Additional possible external funding, indicating the source.
7. Connection, if any, with local research groups or with groups from other Catalan institutions.
8. Summarize the importance of organizing such a programme from the mathematical point of view (goals, impact on researchers in Catalonia and on young researchers, scientific justification in view of recent progress in the area, etc.)
9. Is there any relevant event somewhere in the world addressing the same scientific area that could overlap with the proposed IRP?
10. Do the organizers have any previous experience at organizing such an event?
Deadline: final proposals should be submitted two months after the preliminary one, preferably in PDF format, by e-mail to