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Call for proposals


CRM Intensive Research Programmes (IRP) consist of periods of intense research in any area of mathematics and the mathematical sciences, bringing together researchers from all over the world to work on open problems, and to analyze its present state and perspectives.

The CRM IRP can run for periods from 1 to 5 months (from September to July).

The CRM started organizing IRP in 2003, and has organized so far from two to three per year. Each programme consist of a number of resident researchers, from junior to senior, and two to three scientific events (workshops, advanced courses, and conferences). Each research programme also runs an informal weekly seminar that serves as get-together time for the research visitors and the local mathematicians.

IRP participants benefit from the CRM well stablished experience staff and the comfortable premises, with the comodities of a campus environment and the nearby entertainment of the lively city of Barcelona. The CRM can host up to 25 research visitors at the same time during an IRP.

The CRM invites proposals for Intensive Research Programmes in any branch of mathematics and the mathematical sciences, to be organized preferably after August 2017. Preliminary proposals should be received before February 29, 2016. Final proposals should be submitted before April 29, 2016. 

Applicants should check the Description and the Submission Questions documents. 

Both proposals should be addressed to the CRM Director and send preferably by e-mail to​ (PDF format only), or by postal mail to:

Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Campus de Bellaterra, Edifici C
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)