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Maria de Maeztu Award
María de Maeztu Excellence Accreditation
The Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics (BGSMath), was awarded its accreditation as a “María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence” by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO).
CRM is one of the promoting institutions of the BGSMath.
The “Center of Excellence Severo Ochoa” and “Unit of Excellence Maria de Maeztu” Award, within the subprogram of Institutional Strengthening of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, aims to fund and accredit public research centers and units on any areas that demonstrate scientific leadership and impact at global level, as well as active collaboration in their social and business environment.

The Centers of Excellence Severo Ochoa and Units of Excellence Maria de Maeztu are organizational structures with highly competitive strategic research programmes in the frontiers of knowledge. They are among the best in the world in their respective scientific areas.

The evaluation and selection process is carried out by an independent international committee of prestigious scientists with high impact. 
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