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Since 2002 the CRM has been a consortium with its own legal status, formed by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans and the Catalan Government. UAB joined the consortium in 2010.

Institut d'Estudis Catalans
The Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC), the National Academy of Catalonia, founded in 1907, is an academic, scientific and cultural institution whose sphere of activities includes all territories within the Catalan language and culture.

The aim of the IEC is to promote the scientific research, in particular research related to all aspects of Catalan culture. It contributes to the planning, coordination and implementation of research in different fields of science, technology and in the humanities. Moreover, its own activities further the progress and development of society in general, and, when necessary, acts as advisor to government and other institutions.

The IEC is divided into five different sections defined by broad subject units in science, technology and the humanities. There are 26 scientific societies affiliated to the IEC. One of them is the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques.

Generalitat de Catalunya
The Generalitat de Catalunya is the institution in which the self-government of Catalonia is politically organised through a Parliament and an Autonomous Government. It was created in the thirteenth century, bearing the same name, as an executive body, by the General Courts of the Confederation of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown.


This PDF file contains the statutes of the Consortium.